La Casa Gran

The main house or “Casa Gran” is divided into ground floor and first floor.

On the ground floor there are common areas for guests: billiards room, games room, indoor ping-pong and washing machine.

There is also a large living room that can be used by groups who have rented several houses to make a living together.

If we go upstairs we find a restricted area. This is where we live!

Els Pelegrins

“Els Pelegrins” receive this name because there was a hut where they gave thyme to the pilgrims who passed in front of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Mount.

It consists of three houses with two double rooms each: El Til · ler, La Bassa and El Pruner. The first two are adapted and the last two communicate with each other.

Each of them has a capacity of 2 to 5 people.

“La Bassa” and “El Pruner” can be rented together for groups of 8 to 10 people

Els Pelegrins

El Til.ler

La Bassa

El Pruner

El Laboratori

The name “Laboratory” is used because a well-known herbalist had previously been installed inside a medicinal laboratory.

This former “medical center” is currently divided into two houses that can be communicated from the inside: El Laurel and L’Era.

El Laurel has capacity for five people and L’Era has capacity for ten people using existing beds (no extra beds). Inside the Laurel you can find a splendid mezzanine for children to sleep or play in

El Laboratori


El Llorer